Tess Customizable Amenity Kit

Item Number: CAM2636
Customizable guest amenity kits with trial size products for men and women. Select the products you would like in each kit and Telli will build each kit per your selections. All products are placed in a clear poly bag and sealed. 200 kit minimum. Allow 2 weeks for order completion with in-stock items.

Each item selected comes in a quantity of 200.

General Amenity Products:

Old Spice Deodorant .5Oz         Secret Deodorant .5Oz         Tresemme Hairspray 2Oz             5" Black Comb                          7.5" Vented Brush                Makeup Remover Wipes

Shave Products:

  Skintimate Shave Gel                   Gillette Shave Gel                   Triple Play 3 Blade                    Custom Plus Twin Blade           New World Twin Blade           New World Triple Blade

Shower Products:

                  Shower Cap                                Shampoo & Body Wash 2Oz               Hair Conditioner 2Oz                         5/pk Cotton Balls                      5/pk Cotton Swabs

Dental Hygiene Products:

Individually Wrapped Toothbrush     Toothbrush Kit W/Crest        Toothbrush Kit W/Colgate                       Scope Mouthwash                        Crest Toothpaste .85Oz

General Amenities

Mens Old Spice Deodorant .5 Oz [037573]
Secret Deorderant .5 Oz [096047]
Cotton Balls 5/pk [420252]
Tresemme Hairspray 2 Oz [64431]
5" Black Comb Individually Wrapped [BC5]
7.5" Black Vented Brush Individually Wrapped [C7874RP]
Makeup Remover Wipe [HAAC028]

Triple Play Aqua Three Blade Razor Individually Wrapped [373886RP]
Skintimate Sensitive Skin Raspberry Rain Shave Gel 2.75 Oz [92543]
Razor Custom Plus W/Pivot & Lube Strip Individually Wrapped [934314IWC]
Gillette Sensitive Skin Shave Gel 2.5 Oz [GE3092]
New World Twin Blade Razor Individually Wrapped [RAZ2B]
New World Triple Blade Razor Individually Wrapped [RAZ3RP]

Dawn Mist Hair Conditioner 2 Oz [HC02]
Dawn Mist Shampoo & Body Wash 2 Oz [MS02]
Dawn Mist Individually Wrapped Shower Caps [SC01]
Dental Hygiene

Scope Mouthwash 1.2 Oz [05112]
Crest Toothpaste .85 Oz [30501]
Individually Wrapped Toothbrush [TB36]
Toothbrush Kit (Includes toothbrush & Crest toothpaste) [TBK240]
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