Essential Oil Monterey Bay Eucalyptus Globulus 30Ml

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Also known as the blue gum or Tasmanian Blue, this is the most common eucalyptus species in the world. The leaves of this Australian native are extremely rich in eucalyptol, yielding an essential oil that contains about 70% of this organic compound. Also known as 1,8-cineole and cajeputol, eucalyptol is an ingredient in cough medicines and eucalyptus oil is commonly found in muscle-warming ointments.
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Additional Info

Aromatherapy- Diffuse or vaporize to ease respiratory symptoms. The scent is also reputed to enhance concentration. Cosmetics / personal care- Mix with coconut oil (in a semi-solid state) and apply to sore muscles and joints. May also be applied as a chest rub. Massage / bath / spa- Add a few drops to the bath water. Wellness- Add a few drops to mouthwash to use as a gargle. Industrial- Eucalyptus essential oil is used in the fragrance, cosmetic and pharmaceutical industries. Household- Combine with hot water and white vinegar to make a natural household cleaner.

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