Oakworks Marina Wet Table

Code: OAK625

The Marina is the most comfortable wet table on the market. Designed with comfort in mind, it features a 3” thick premium padding system with a section under the torso designed to allow a hot water Fomentek bag (included) to be placed without creating a bump to keep your clients warm. The Aqueduct System directs water and other materials to a drain in the floor without getting in the way of the client or the therapist also helping to insure that the floor is not slippery. The battery powered height range system with wall charger and extra battery insures that clients can get on and off the table easily and therapists can work at optimal heights. The powder coated, stainless steel base with solid FSC certified mahogany wood accents creates an incredibly durable and beautiful base. Comes with reusable and washable Terratouch fitted drape and an optional water resistant face rest system is available. Aqueduct™ system
Water resistant foot control
Charger & extra battery
FSC® certified mahogany wood
3" plush padding
Wet drape
Fomentek® water bag
Powder-coated stainless steel construction
CE Marked
EACH (1)


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