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International Spa Association

Since 1991, the International SPA Association has been recognized worldwide as the professional organization and voice of the spa industry, representing health and wellness facilities and providers in more than 70 countries.

Members encompass the entire arena of the spa experience, from resort/hotel, destination, mineral springs, medical, club and day spas to service providers such as physicians, wellness instructors, nutritionists, massage therapists and product suppliers.



Green Spa Network

GSNPlanet is a nonprofit trade association that provides education, resources and gatherings for the spa and wellness industry. By creating a vital community and inspiring spa and wellness companies to take action, we are creating a more sustainable future with its members. GSN believes the spa and wellness industry has a unique opportunity to make a substantial positive impact by adapting practices that support the environmental and human resources necessary to provide its services, products, and experiences. Our work goes beyond the direct impact we can make as an industry – we are also ambassadors for a vital planet and vital people to the millions of spa visitors we meet every day.



Las Vegas Spa Association

The Las Vegas Spa Association (LVSA) was started in 2002 as a networking solution for Las Vegas Spa directors, buyers, and vendors. The purpose is to inspire and encourage the collective to share ideas, services and industry trends in a fun, social setting with the goal of providing the best possible spa experience for Las Vegas’ guests.



Southeast Spa Wellness Association

We are a group of dedicated industry professionals with a passion to collectively contribute our years of experience to create resources that offer: education, mentorship, growth, connectivity, events and an inclusive platform for all that make up the SE Regional Spa and Wellness Community. Our team organically came together to share ideas and create a plan for our Spa and Vendor members, regardless of their title, a place of connectivity and resources to assist with growth, communication, support, and a sense of belonging. We independently have an extensive history of providing invaluable support and education to our industry, together we will create an association that will support our region.



Hawai’i Spa Association

In 2004, Spa Directors from some of the most well-known facilities across the Hawaiian Islands met in Oahu to form a collaborative organization now known as the Hawaii Spa Association (or Hi-Spa for short). Hi-Spa is a non-profit entity created to elevate awareness of Hawaii’s significant role in the World Leisure and Wellness Market. By using our cooperative efforts like networking, shared ideas, and unparalleled expertise, Hi-Spa has positioned itself the go-to source for our local spa operators, vendors, and educators.



Arizona Spa & Wellness Association

Arizona is home to remarkable nature, immense wellness, spiritual tourism, well-being and extraordinary hospitality. 

We unite owners, key stakeholders, senior leadership and industry professionals with essential resources for today’s business needs, need-to-know information, education and professional development.

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