Intrinsics Multi-Use Protective Mat 12"X16"

Code: 407490

The beauty of our Multi-Use Protective Mat is right there in the name: it can be used in a variety of different ways. These 12" x 16" disposable mats are the absolute best for manicure services; They are the perfect stain barrier, 100% lint-free, repel liquids and perfect for gel nails.


Additional Info

Additional Info

Lint-free , non-absorbent and repels liquids. Protects work surfaces from damage during nail, hair & spa services. Sanitary and makes clean-up easy. Disposable & biodegradable. Use as a table towel, face cradle cover, hair blotter, pillow cover, pedicure towel or tray cover. Ideal for any nail service, manicure, pedicure and especially for use with dipping powder or gel during the nail service. Use as a barrier on headrests & pillows.

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