Tess Nut Free And Fragrance Free Massage Oil

Tess Nut Free and Fragrance-Free Massage Oil is a high-quality product designed for professional massage therapists and spa practitioners.

Nut-Free Formula: Tess Massage Oil is carefully crafted to be nut-free, making it suitable for clients with nut sensitivities. It allows you to provide a relaxing massage experience without using nut oils.

Fragrance-Free: The absence of fragrance ensures a neutral scent, allowing clients to focus on relaxation without any overpowering smells.

Water Dispersible: This oil is formulated to be water-dispersible, making it easy to wash off from sheets and preventing stains.

Ingredients: Tess Nut Free Massage Oil contains a custom blend of five natural cold-pressed oils, including Jojoba oil and Vitamin E. These ingredients leave the skin feeling soft and satiny.

Paraben-Free, Silicone-Free, and Mineral Oil-Free: Tess prioritizes quality and safety by excluding harmful additives.

Quick Absorption: The blend of natural oils, including Grape Seed, Avocado, and Safflower, quickly penetrates and softens the skin, restoring its natural oil balance.

Made with a soybean oil base our allergy-free massage oil is a great alternative to traditional massage products that contain nut oils. This light oil allows for a smooth glide & absorbs slowly into the skin, enabling for the perfect treatment time.

Made in the USA
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Glycine Soja (Soybean Oil), Carthamus Tinctorius (Saflower Oil), Vitamin E Acetate, Grape Seed Oil, Phenoxyethanol/Ethylhexylglycerin

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