Living Earth Crafts

TELLI, a leading purveyor of quality Living Earth Crafts (LEC) products in the United States, invites salon and spa owners nationwide to unlock the distinctive benefits of our LEC product range. Since our inception, we've strived to deliver the most innovative, reliable, and aesthetically pleasing wellness-inspired products.

Quality Living Earth Crafts Products

Living Earth Crafts, renowned worldwide for exceptional durability and high-end design, offers an exquisite blend of functionality and elegance with its expansive selection of spa equipment. These products combine eco-friendly Natursoft fabrics, handcrafted hardwood, and components sourced globally to generate a superior spa experience for customers.

Unparalleled Spa Treatment Comfort

Exceeding the boundaries of the conventionally comfortable, our exclusive line of LEC furniture redefines the spa treatment experience with a carefully crafted blend of innovation and efficiency.

Focus On Ergonomic Design

The focus on ergonomic design ensures these tables not only look good but also improve technician performance and end-user experience. The plush use of memory foam cushioning in our designs sets new standards in luxury seating, transforming simple treatments into delightful wellness rituals.

Cradling The Face & Providing Support

Revolutionizing the definition of comfort from the ground up, LEC's range also includes noteworthy features like the Strata Facepillow. This industry-groundbreaking tool enhances user comfort by cradling the face gently, providing total support, and seamlessly creating an unparalleled unique spa escapade.

Efficiency Is Key

Operational efficiency is key in today's demanding spa industry. Our LEC designs respond to this demand with smooth hydraulic lift actuators and an incredibly versatile height range. The low height range characteristic of our LEC products simplifies therapist accessibility, resulting in an effortless transition to the treatment process.

Meanwhile, the inclusion of hydraulic lifts allows for effortless table adjustments, facilitating unmatched comfort on demand, which in turn leads to a smoother and more enjoyable treatment process – an optimal advantage for spa owners catering to a diverse clientele.

World Leader In Treatment Tables: Articulating Electric Salon

LEC's status as a preferred choice worldwide is hard-earned, with distinguished spas like the Ritz Carlton relying on their products. The LEC Nuage Vector Treatment Table is a prime example of the innovation and quality LEC delivers. With fully articulating electric salon tops and custom wood stains, this product is the ultimate addition to any spa seeking to revolutionize its treatment offerings.

The Beauty Of Handcrafted Hardwood

LEC emphasizes beautifully handcrafted hardwood in their products, specifically selected for its extended life expectancy and robust durability. From the LEC Aspen GT Treatment Table to spa cabinetry like the LEC Digital Warming Drawer, the attention to detail and authentic craftsmanship shine through.

Your Solution for Massage Accessories

At TELLI, we understand that the ideal spa experience extends far beyond premium furniture. That's why we feature LEC products. They encompass every component of the health and wellness journey.

In addition to LEC's state-of-the-art treatment beds, lounge chairs, and various other types of wellness furniture, we also deliver top-tier customer service. Together, we provide a suite of high-quality products that serve to amplify your client’s spa session.

These carefully chosen additions enhance the overall ambiance and make every spa session at your establishment a unique one. With LEC, you can guarantee that every detail of your client's experience showcases your commitment to superiority and satisfaction.

Invigorate Your Space With Living Earth Crafts

As the trusted authority in the U.S. for Living Earth Crafts products, TELLI invites you to transform your spa into a sanctuary of unparalleled comfort, aesthetic appeal, and therapeutic effectiveness. Elevate your spa business with our array of exceptional LEC products. Discover the difference today.

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