We've all heard about CBD, but studies show...

A study done by Invisibly found that although many people have heard of CBD, most haven't tried it or still don't know the difference between CBD, marijuana or THC. Of the 1,087 people surveryed, 58% of respondents didn't know the difference between CBD and THC-containing products such as marijuana. So, what exactly is CBD? CBD is an abbreviation for cannabidiol which is a chemical compound that naturally occurs in the Cannabis sativa plant. It's used in oils, topicals, and ingestibles for wellness purposes including relieving pain, easing anxiety and alleviating cancer-related symptoms. According to Invisibly's study, 40% of respondents who have tried CBD products said their primary reason was to reduce stress. Here at Telli, we offer CBD containing products such as massage oils, lip balms, body wash, and moisturizers for those exact reasons. To view the products we offer, click here!



To see more information on the survey and its results, visit CBD Usage in America — A Snapshot.




After Lockdown, Many Are Planning To Travel In 2021

It’s no secret that the hotel industry was hit hard by the COVID-19 pandemic, and with international travel restrictions still in place, the future is still uncertain. However, we remain optimistic that domestic travel will help hotels to recover. According to STR's survey done in February, out of 1,333 respondents, 75% are planning to undertake a leisure trip in 2021. Based off the results, it is to believe that later in the year, it is likely overseas travel will pick up once the pandemic is more under control and the greater portion of the population has been vaccinated. As destinations adopt higher levels of COVID-Safe measures, such as testing and increased sanitization, once restrictions are lifted and countries reopen their borders - demand for both short and long-haul travel will soar. Despite the challenges that the industry continues to face, recovery is on the horizon.



To see more information on the survey and its results, visit Tourism After Lockdown: The Long and Short of Long-Haul Travel




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